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New Moon was started in the spring of 2004 when 4 daughters of Half Moon Sword and a friend of one of them got together, with the help of a few mothers, to dance. 
Now we currently have 5(ish) full dances in our repertoire and have performed at the Half Moon Sword Ale, the Orion Ale in Boston and at NEFFA. 

Watch us dance "Instant Gratification" at the 2007 Half Moon Sword Ale!!

Watch us dance at the 2006 Half Moon Sword Ale!

What's New?

Our Blog - updated by mostly Emma C and anyone else who cares to. 

Hey. . .  Look in the photo album section to see some new pics (and a link to a video!!!) of us dancing on the promenade!
I have updated!  There are pictures from Neffa in the Photo Album Section.  Click on the picture that says "Neffa".
5/14/05 Ok, I'm bugging you.  Where are those pics?  And no, I can't figure out the video thing.  :(
- Emma G
5/11/05 My goal for this weekend is to put up at least 5 pictures from NEFFA! Feel free to bother me about it if you're a New Moon person. Actually, no, don't. Ooooh yeah! New Moon made up a figure. Nuts-4-Nuts!
-Emma C.
5/9/05 By the way, New Moon Sword is always looking for enthusiastic new members to try out rapper dancing. If you happened across this site, and you are interested in dancing or playing music for the team, go to the contact page and contact us!!
- Emma G
4/10/05 - What do you know? I'm the first to post a message since NEFFA. I have no idea what I am doing and will probably destroy the entire website, but that's Emma's fault because she told me to figure out how to do it on my own. My days as New Moon's musician are now numbered. NEFFA was amazing, obviously in general, and also particularly in terms of New Moon's dancing. Though I usually pay no attention to what the dancers are doing and only care about my weekly pay check, I must admit that I noticed that the dances, particularly the latest epic dance, came together really well. There had been some trouble with this last dance during practices, but it ran more smoothly than even I, the foolish optimist, could have hoped for. Anyway, I've taken up too much space on this site, and I don't even know who the hell this "Mary Anne" is.
With love, Jonah
4/7/05 - I put up some pictures - go check out the photo album
4/4/05 - I'm publishing this website for the world (starting with Meghan) to see.
4/3/04 - Started this website.  Today at practice New Moon had a collective mental breakdown and found itself counting hysterically to 8 as our musician and adult mentor looked on.

New Moon
Top: Hannah, Sara, Emma C Jonah. Bottom: Emma G, Erika

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