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About Us
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Our Team, old and new. 

So Rapper Dancing.  The Origins are not really known, but we do know that it's a ritual dance from England.  It's generally fast and furious and involves weaving and tangling "swords" made of bendable steel and then miraculously coming away from the whole experiance in one peice.  (Generally)

Half Moon Sword is a womans team that is also based in New York City.  Prior to Spring 2004 they were the only rapper team in the city.  However, Emma, Emma, Hannah and Erika decided that this would not do and they roped in Sophie to form New Moon!  (See Picture below) 
Help from two mothers, Sara and Jan, and music from Michael (a father) helped us get ourselves started.  Now we mostly work on our own with help here and there from the older and wiser. 

The Original Team
October 2004

Team Stuff

Here's some general team information...

Our Dances: (in chronological order)
1) Shut Up and Dance
2) Wester Hope
3) Emma's Dance: Jonah.
4) Not that Tune!!!
5)Instant Gratification

More Team Info

Home Town: NYC
Founded: Spring 2004
Contact: Well, see the contacts page!
Collective favorite song:  New Moon Rising
Favorite Quotes:
"Shut Up and Dance!"
   -  The general team
"Just keep in mind that I'm the dictator and you're the musician"
    - Emma C.  (who else?)
"I'm having a problem with people's fingers getting caught in the swords"
   - Hannah
"Are they your fingers?"
  - Emma g
  - Hannah

Shut up and dance!